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Configure Default Computers and User OU’s in Active Directory


By default, machines joined to a new domain are added to the Computers OU. For any managed network, it is important to ensure machines are placed in a production OU as soon as they are joined to the domain, to ensure the correct polices are applied and applications are deployed.

You can automate this administrative step so newly machines added to the domain will be placed a pre-determined OU, negating the need for an administrator to go into the server to make the change.

To do this, open Power Shell as an Administrator (Right-Click and Run As Administrator) and use the redircmp command, followed by the OU path and domain details. For example, If the default OU you would like to specify is located in Production – Workstations:

redircmp "OU=Production,OU=Workstations,DC=DOMAIN,DC=LOCAL"

Press enter.

To set the default OU for new users you can use the redirusr command

redirusr "OU=Production,OU=Users,DC=DOMAIN,DC=LOCAL"

Press enter.

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