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At Cogenesis, we believe that a standardised, well-documented and regularly maintained IT infrastructure are the keys to achieving maximum leverage from your IT investment by maximising productivity that your users can gain from your IT systems.

However, we have come across too many IT environments that have been supported in a re-active manner, temporarily fixed with ‘band-aid’ solutions and with documentation nowhere in sight.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Do your IT systems meet your business needs?
  • Are your networks and systems resilient?
  • Is your data safely backed up?
  • Are all your customer and commercial records secure?

How we can help

We get to know your business by undertaking a comprehensive IT infrastructure and systems audit. The key outcome of this audit is a detailed report that lists and prioritises remedial actions required to get your IT back into shape.  The recommendations from the report provide the foundations for a IT strategic roadmap, identifying what you need and what type of support service you should be considering.

“Their customer service is always top notch and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.”
Nokia Corporate.

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