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Cogenesis is recognised specifically for its capabilities in Networking Solutions.

Our expertise is focussed on implementing network solutions around:

  • Connectivity and Security
  • Delivery of secure Layer 2 & Layer 3 networks
  • Certified expert Juniper engineers

Cogenesis deployed or managed networks provide that crucial link between your people, information and tools. They allow users to access, use and distribute resources in a secure and reliable manner.

Next Generation Networking:

  • Secure company resources
  • Data center design and implementation
  • 2-factor authentication systems
  • Managed remote access
  • SAN and CORE networking optimisation

Our network design and implementation consultancy can help you to reduce the cost and the risk to your business. Your business is as important to us as it is to you. We will work with you until your needs are met, providing the desired infrastructure and implementation.

The benefits

Improved productivity - A well designed network using high availability and multi-layer redundancy will improve communication reliability whilst increasing internal productivity.

Protected Data - The information you hold is one of your company’s most important assets. Cogenesis Secure Design with Juniper networking equipment provide cost effective guaranteed secure resiliency

How Can We Help?

We take a top-down approach to network design, starting with the most important factor: your business. Once we understand your operations and goals, we design with the present and future in mind.

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